OCT. 9

It is crazy to me that it's been six months since my last entry. SIX MONTHS! HOW?! 

So much has changed over the last six months that it feels at once like it's been six years but also six seconds. You know what I mean?

In that time, I've made the transition from working in front of the camera to behind behind it -- and behind media strategy as a whole. It's somewhat of a homecoming for me, truthfully, and somewhat of a relief. I find myself challenged again in ways I wasn't when BOB still existed. Of course, I do miss some elements of being on TV (getting recognized! Performing for a living! The occasional on-air 7 a.m. beer!), but it's nice to get to my roots.

The picture that's running with this post is one I just wanted to archive somewhere because it makes me happy: Three members of the Devils/Prudential Center team who are brilliant and awesome. That's us on the red carpet ahead of the team's home opener. If you ask me, more teams need to get on board with events like that one!



Wanted to follow up with a quick mention about the TOMBOY project that wrapped up at the end of March. 

In case you missed it, NBC Sports released a wonderful documentary (by the same name) just a few weeks ago about women in sports and the challenges they (well, technically WE!) face. I was invited by CSN Philadelphia to be a major player in our market's promotion of and discussion around the event, and wanted to make sure everyone was able to get a taste of what they might have missed.

As I like to think of myself as a multi-platform journalist, my participation in TOMBOY crossed over from TV into digital. My favorite part of the project, in fact, was getting to write an essay about my relationship with the word itself. You can read that piece, entitled "I Don't Skate Like a Man" here.

Philly Sports Talk, CSN's flagship nightly discussion show, also featured a segment about women who play hockey. This was a really meaningful moment for me, being presented with the chance to speak with two other female hockey players about their experience in the sport. Check out a clip of the segment here.

Finally, after the debut of the documentary aired locally, Amy Fadool, Dei Lynam and I discussed our thoughts on the piece and talked about our own experiences in a Facebook Live video. The questions we got from viewers elevated the discussion even further than I could have imagined. Though the video is (obviously) no longer live, you can watch a reply right here.

Feb. 1

Really happy to (quickly) announce an upcoming CSN nationwide project that's in the works: Tomboy, a celebration of girls and women in sports. As someone who until recently self-identified as a tomboy, taking part in the project has meant a lot to me. Things won't get off the ground for real until March, but I was fortune to get to sit down and speak with Mo'ne Davis the local pitcher who played (and beat the boys) in 2014's Little League World Series, and Virlen Reyes, the face of Snider Hockey, an organization I have volunteered with and consulted for since 2010. In addition, I wrote an essay about my relationship with the word that will be published online later this month. There's talk of a panel discussion and appearance in March, too, so stay tuned!

Aug. 5!


We made it to Friday! And I think this week deservedly should be called "DNC Hangover Week."

As you likely know, last week, the Wells Fargo Center (where we produce Breakfast on Broad!) played host to the Democratic National Convention ... and let's just say getting here in time for the show was not easy. It involved shuttles and lots of early-morning walking. But hey, we powered through! And the same can be said for this week on BOB. It was a fun one, although my personal highlight was probably beating Brandon Graham of the Eagles in a game of paper football! Hey, it's the little things right?

Anyway, I write this as I'm preparing to introduce Eagles coach Doug Pederson's press conference on Comcast SportsNet. Not much time or material at the moment, but I wanted to get my first post up now that the site is live. So: Welcome to my new home on the web. Enjoy your stay!