OCT. 9

It is crazy to me that it's been six months since my last entry. SIX MONTHS! HOW?! 

So much has changed over the last six months that it feels at once like it's been six years but also six seconds. You know what I mean?

In that time, I've made the transition from working in front of the camera to behind behind it -- and behind media strategy as a whole. It's somewhat of a homecoming for me, truthfully, and somewhat of a relief. I find myself challenged again in ways I wasn't when BOB still existed. Of course, I do miss some elements of being on TV (getting recognized! Performing for a living! The occasional on-air 7 a.m. beer!), but it's nice to get to my roots.

The picture that's running with this post is one I just wanted to archive somewhere because it makes me happy: Three members of the Devils/Prudential Center team who are brilliant and awesome. That's us on the red carpet ahead of the team's home opener. If you ask me, more teams need to get on board with events like that one!